Stalcom are technology specialists in the automotive sector with particular expertise in delivering  affordable and lightweight vehicle structures and assemblies. Active mainly in the niche volume sector but also with significant experience from mainstream vehicle manufacturers, Stalcom focus on improving performance or reducing emissions through reduction in vehicle mass. Additionally, low investment solutions that consider sustainability are a particular focus.
The company brings together the appropriate skills and experience in vehicle product development and manufacturing, particularly important when delivering the best solutions that allow the introduction of modern lightweight materials in traditional applications.
Established in 2000 by Bob Mustard, and building on many years’ experience in OEM’s and first tier suppliers, Stalcom works with industry heavyweights as well as smaller niche manufacturers to support their requirements on both short and long term projects. Key to this is the extensive supporting network of engineers and specialist companies that Stalcom maintains that can be called on to assist when required. This spans the entire product development process from the earliest concept definition and planning through design to prototyping, low volume manufacture and test.
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Lightweight Materials

Stalcom have extensive experience with Aluminium, Magnesium and a variety of Thermoset and Thermoplastic Composites. This experience includes specifying the best material type for particular applications, through recommending forming and fabrication processes, surface treatments and joining techniques. Stalcom also arrange material characterisation to

 support design, accelerated testing and on vehicle validation.

Stalcom have a particular interest in the integration of materials such as aluminium and thermoplastic composites to optimise their use and minimise cost. Patented joining techniques have been developed and hybrid systems and materials developed that have a very exciting future.

Design for Manufacture

Product and process design is at the heart of Stalcom activities. Design optimisation with extensive use of FEA is key but also by proposing and designing for the manufacturing processes appropriate for

the proposed manufacturing volume, Stalcom work with clients to deliver effective and efficient structures. These have ranged from whole vehicle primary structures to, seat frames, closures and complete BIW. Often prototypes are produced by Stalcom and testing completed. Stalcom will start serial low volume production of a number of products during 2018.

Niche Vehicle Programs

Where customers have a complete vehicle programme to deliver, Stalcom have an extensive network of leading industry experts who can partner to deliver a complete vehicle. 

Stalcom have led this network on more than one occasion and the result was particularly successful.Research and Development and delivery of innovative materials and processes has been key for Stalcom. 

During 2017 Stalcom collaborated with Ariel on "Structural Optimisation using Light Metals and Affordable Composites" and demonstrated several novel methods for assembly of a vehicle primary structure.



UK- Project managed bid to large OEM to engineer the body for a new aluminium sports car.

UK- Developed and implemented revised manufacturing strategy for the aluminium structure for an amphibious vehicle.

Norway- Developed strategy for re-launch of classic marque including design and

 overall manufacturing feasibility.

UK- Project leadership for the qualification and implementation of a surface treatment for aluminium and magnesium to improve quality and durability.

UK- Developed solution for implementation of crash system in high performance sports saloon.

UK- Development of the first volume assembly facility for an all carbon composite vehicle body. This included installation, commissioning and pre-production trials on completed production line


UK- Project managed (body, trim and electrical system) the manufacture of a re born classic marque up to first running prototype.  Led the design, development and assembly of the bonded aluminium  and composite body.

UK- Project managed design, sourcing and delivery of a new lightweight chassis and body prototype as well as authoring the “route to production” plan in the establishment of a new OEM.


Delivering Innovation




Flexible Urban Delivery Vehicle

Stalcom are working with partners to deliver a lightweight small commercial EV platform for business fleets. By designing a flexible platform that can be configured for specific tasks and requirements, this brings to market a different proposition that is will accelerate ZEV penetration in critical urban fleets.
This project will build a micro urban delivery van at the boundary between the heavy quadricycle/N1 categories. This demonstrates the platform viability and the demonstrates how bespoke specifications and body styles, designed specifically for the needs of particular business fleet user, can be effectively delivered.


Powderbond Applications-PB Apps

A “System Level Proof of Concept” grant has been awarded to Stalcom / Powdertech to prove the required characteristics of the Powderbond joining technique at the extremes of the required performance envelope. Results will be published here in quarter two 2019.


HyLight Case - Feasibility Study
Hybrid Material Lightweight EV  Battery  Case

Using the protected Powderbond joining process, Stalcom carried out a feasibility study examining the creation of a lightweight hybrid material HV battery box. This exhibited improved puncture resistance to conventional enclosures with a significant weight saving whilst retaining the EMC shield of an all metal design.


SOLMAC - Structural Optimisation Using Light Metals and Affordable Composites

With support from the Niche Vehicle Network and the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Stalcom conceived the SOLMAC project. Delivered in partnership with Ariel, Powdertech and Babcock, the project had two phases. The first used an alternative approach to production of structurally bonded aluminium structures, proving the feasibility of curing complex vehicle chassis structures using a conventional overhead conveyor and powdercoating oven. This allowed a protective and decorative powdercoat to be applied with one common cure cycle.

The second phase produced large subassemblies by overmoulding affordable high performance composites. Using a specially developed surface pre-treatment applied to the aluminium, we developed joints between the aluminium and composite that were significantly stronger than the best adhesive system. This IP protected technique became known as Powderbond. 

This design approach promises to be able to combine the best properties of both aluminium and composites to deliver significant product and commercial benefits. 

Stalcom have developed significant know-how in both design and process aspects of this approach and this will be progressed on new projects.


Proudly supporting those who serve

Stalcom commit to honour the Armed Forces Covenant and support the Armed Forces Community. We recognise the value Serving Personnel, both Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families contribute to our business and our country.

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The Workshop Business Centre, Main Street, Pinvin, Pershore. WR10 2ES, UK.

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The Workshop Business Centre, Main Street, Pinvin, Pershore. WR10 2ES, UK.

+44 (0)1386 552546 / +44 (0)7785 701625

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