* PACES - Passenger and Commercial EV Skateboard

Development of a fully integrated lightweight aluminium and thermoplastic composite EV platform with a fully integrated structural battery case. Adjustable to fit different vehicle architectures and capable of accommodating RWD, FWD or 4wd with different suspension concepts, this platform doesn’t directly constrain the vehicle size or design. By utilising this kit of configurable parts, low-cost tooling and proven production processes, a new lightweight EV platform can be delivered for minimum investment levels.

Stalcom led the design, development and assembly of the bonded aluminium and composite body and won support for this key development from the *Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP). The project delivered:

  • Prototype Systems and Vehicle
  • Vehicle Level Packaging Model
  • Comprehensive Bill of Materials
  • Cost and Mass Trackers (including design vs actual)
  • Parts Numbering System
  • Engineering Release and Assembly Drawings

We took this niche vehicle concept up to production readiness status, all set-up for manufacture. A new car company, Watt EV, has been formed to take this project forward, launching in September 2020.