VN5 has been designed to last twice as long as the competition, thanks to its first in sector strong and lightweight bonded aluminium monocoque & SMC construction. This technology is resistant to corrosion and absorbs twice the crash energy of mild steel.

Emerald Automotive Design (EAD) and London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) are part of the Geely Group, along with Volvo cars and Lotus, amongst others. EAD recently engineered the new London black taxi for LEVC, designing a brand-new vehicle using a bonded-aluminium structure and range-extended electric drivetrain, encompassing many new driver friendly features.

Bob Mustard was involved in the launch of VN5, its new electric light commercial van. VN5 has a flexible zero emissions capable range of over 300 miles (484 km)1 delivered by LEVC’s innovative eCityelectric technology. It also uses with the same reliable, hard-working construction as LEVC’s highly successful TX taxi.With up to 5.5m3 capacity, VN5 cargo capacity easily accommodates two Euro sized pallets with a gross payload of 830kg. It has been built with a large side-loading door (enabling a pallet to be side-loaded) and a 60/40 split door at the rear to make loading and unloading easy for the driver.​