Stalcom is a technology specialist in the automotive sector with particular expertise in delivering low cost, lightweight vehicle structures and assemblies. Focused primarily in the niche volume sector, but also partnering with OEMs on specific projects to improve performance or reduce emissions by creating lighter structures.

The company brings together the appropriate skills and experience in vehicle product development and manufacturing, particularly important when delivering the best solutions that allow the introduction of modern lightweight materials in traditional applications.

We have over 30 years of frontline structures design experience, encompassing small sports programs to 12 MT delivery trucks.  Our engineering skills and patented technology enables Stalcom to offer EV platforms at cost effective prices that enable small volume / niche projects to be viable economically. Stalcom’s unique EV Platform using FVA (Flex-Tech Variable Architecture) is a game changer for smaller volume vehicles.


(Flextech Variable Architecture) Stalcom’s unique EV Platform is a game changer for smaller volume vehicles. A safety tested, scalable, fully programmable platform for niche vehicles which is an affordable alternative as it requires minimal tooling. 

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The revolution in the automotive world in recent years, with the move to electric vehicles, emphasis on recycling, reduced CO2, sustainability and zero emissions, has demanded significant lightweighting action in the body-in-white arena.  For the past 20 years that trend has been accelerating; for the last 4-5 years that acceleration has increased dramatically in pace."


Flex-tech® is a system of interlocking thin-wall extrusion system designed and developed by Stalcom. It is made from aluminium and composite, making it both lightweight and strong. (Link to page on Technologies) Flex-tech allows spaceframe structures to be created quickly and easily at minimal cost, eliminating the need for expensive tooling. These attributes make it ideal for vehicle primary structures.

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