Bob Mustard

Bob Mustard set up Stalcom in 2000 to concentrate on future BIW structures using his experience in Steel, Aluminium and Composites, hence the name of the new company.  

He started his career as a graduate engineer at Rover Group, and latterly at Hydro, Lotus and Prodrive. Since then Bob has worked on a vast array of programs across the industry, from sports cars, light trucks, London Taxis to secret projects in the Defence industry.  The common denominator across all these projects was to make low volume programs affordable while maximising strength and reducing weight.  

During the last 20 years the customer requirements for strength and torsional rigidity have continued to become ever more exacting, playing into the hands of Stalcom’s expertise. In recent years Bob and his team have pioneered new technologies to support the low volume, low investment route to market such as the patented Flex-Tech and PowderBond fixing methods in collaboration with key partners.