From the very inception of the project that became the TX Electric Taxi, Stalcom and specifically Bob Mustard, played a pivotal role.

From feasibility through concept development and build, the body structure of the TX and VN5 vehicles are the newest products where the construction philosophy and core DNA build on a number of other leading structurally bonded aluminium and composite vehicle developments. 

LEVC installed a brand new state-of-the-art electric vehicle manufacturing plant, proudly adopting first-in-sector production techniques to deliver commercial vehicles with a robustness which is truly unrivalled. Inspired by the aerospace industry, their body structures are made from lightweight, bonded aluminium, which, once hot cured, provides over twice the tensile strength of a welded equivalent, and absorbs twice the crash energy of mild steel. They are anodised to ensure consistent adhesive bond strength while maintaining high levels of corrosion performance and benefit from an estimated weight saving of 30%, compared to a steel equivalent, and are made with 100% recyclable. aluminium.