Research and development and delivery of innovative materials and processes has been key for Stalcom Automotive Technologies.


For the past 20 years Stalcom has been developing new ways of combining light metals, including higher strength Aluminium and Magnesium with a variety of Thermoset and Thermoplastic composites to optimize strength and rigidity, while keeping costs to a minimum and whilst striving to deliver sustainable circular economy solutions. Extensive R & D has developed solutions with the best material types for particular applications and recommended forming and fabrication processes, surface treatments and joining techniques.


Stalcom Automotive Technologies develops its own solutions and has particularly interesting IP in several key structural technologies. These are initially focused on the requirements of the niche volume sectors but Stalcom’sexperience can equally be applied to higher volume vehicles.


Flex-Tech® is a system of thin wall, aluminium extrusions with an interlocking and structurally bonded extruded tab/node system designed and developed by Stalcom specifically to allow rapid and low cost delivery of small and medium scale automotive spaceframe structures. For the first time, a complete high strength alloy structure can be rapidly engineered without significant tooling investment. When this aluminium spaceframe is combined with aluminium or thermoplastic-composite in-fill panels, the resulting assembly is ideal for primary chassis and body structures.

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Flex-tech is a system of extrusions developed with a unique interlocking feature developed and patented by Stalcom.

  • Interlocking thin-wall extrusion system
  • Creates a bonded and riveted spaceframe structure with extruded joining ‘nodes’
  • Eliminates the need for expensive tooling
  • Allows rapid and low-cost delivery of lightweight aluminium spaceframe structures.

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PowderbondPP is a breakthrough process for joining metal to polypropylene (PP) with unrivalled bond strength and is quick, clean and cost effective.The Powderbond product is a specially formulated powdercoat applied to metal parts that allows structural joints to be made to polypropylene based composites using heat and pressure – these joints are stronger than adhesive based joining systems. Stalcom is a development partner in the creation of Powderbond and lead development of automotive applications, developing IP in the use of this joining technique.

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No Adhesive Needed

Lean Process - Fast Cycle Time

Repeatable Joint Performance Ideal for Automated Application

Lean Process - Fast Cycle Time


Stalcom Lightweight Laminate is a tough, lightweight, hydrid material (patent applied for).
  • Created by sandwiching pierce resistant Aluminium between a layer of composites (PP/Glass CRP) top and bottom,
  • Joining them together with a unique bonding process
  • Result - a strong, new, lightweight structure

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Underlying these innovations is a deep understanding of the use of composites for niche volume structural applications and acknowledging the importance of developing solutions that use affordable, sustainable new high strength composite materials. Working with composites offers the ability to produce, lighter, tougher parts at low cost. These have mainly been thermoplastic long fibre reinforced materials where extensive development is ongoing in many markets, Stalcom has application development relationships with a number of materials suppliers globally, including W8SVR, and we leverage these to deliver class leading solutions.


  • W8SVR neolaminates offer higher strengths than other composite materials or steel.
  • The parallel and pre-stretched fibers of the themoplastic matrix are activated immediately and simultaneously when tensile forces occur.
  • The internal material bond between the fibers and the polymer matrix is also particularly high and enables optimal absorption of the acting forces.
  • With the W8SVR X-Ply scrims, the required strengths can be integrated in the component to meet the load.
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We pride ourselves on coming up with individual bespoke solutions which meet economic and functional requirements. Each project is considered separately, and the best solutions recommended to reduce costs, save weight, increase performance and improve design.

Project Spesific Selection of Different Materials

Functionalized Surfaces with UV Protection, Scratch Protection, Gloss Effects, Different Colours and Aesthetic Design Options

Waste Minimization Through Near-Net Shape Production and Recyclability

Project Spesific Manufacturing with %100 Load-Orient Recyclability